You are a fundraiser. Well, that’s one of the hats you wear. You know that for your charity to take action on its mission, a consistent flow of donations is essential. You’ve got current giving pretty well in hand – for the moment – but you’d love to diversify and think long term by incorporating legacy giving, aka inviting donors to make a gift in their will. You can think of one or two donors you’d like to ask right now, but approaching them – what to say? Death and taxes – aren’t those topics to avoid? And don’t we need a lawyer to do this? Oh dear, this sounds complicated, and you haven’t got time for that.

We Love Clients Who Are…

  • Making an impact on the world

    A lean, mean, change-making machine!

  • Ready to focus their efforts on increasing their revenue stream

    There’s a lot out there to do: social media, crowdfunding, and the next new thing we haven’t thought of yet, but you’re willing to put your faith in an oldie-but-goodie: legacy giving.

  • Action oriented

    Just needs a nudge in the direction of what to do first.

  • Multi-taskers

    You are moving at a pace where things happens quickly (and there are still those three things which you’d have liked to finish yesterday), but creating a sustainable legacy giving revenue has become a priority you are willing to make time for.

  • Working on a need-to-know basis

    Of course you’d love a full time planned giving officer – who wouldn’t? But since that’s #47 on the hiring plan, an expert who you could turn to as needed would be perfect.

Here’s How You Can Work With Us

  • Legacy Jump Start

    A DYI resource to move planned giving at your organization from a haphazard reaction to a proactive focused priority.  Included is everything you need to run your own mail & phone campaign, including checklists, templates and lots of examples. [Read more]

  • Planned Giving Audit

    Not sure where to start? Spend some time considering your organization’s resources and current situation, and we’ll leave you with a recommendation on what to do next.

  • One-to-One Consulting

    Have another project on the go?  Contact Dave or Julia for more information on working with either of them.

Read more about our action oriented fundraising attitude on our blog, see what others have to say about working with Tiny Frog Strategies, or drop us a line and tell us what you need. [include links]

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